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PAMIE Methods

Using PyUnit with Pamie






What is PAMIE?

P.A.M.I.E. - stands for Python Automated Module For I.E.

Pamie's main use is for testing web sites by which you automate
the Internet Explorer client using the Pamie scripting language.
PAMIE is not a record playback engine!

Pamie allows you to automate I.E. by manipulating I.E.'s Document
Object Model via COM. This Free tool is for use by Quality Assurance
Engineers and Developers.

How does it Work?

Simply create a script using the free PythonWin IDE that comes with the win32all extensions.

import cPAMIE and use the Pamie Scripting Language (PSL) to write a script that simulates a user navigating a web site. It's simple to use! Simple to install!

To create a web testing framework just use Pamie along with Pyunit and you will have an outstanding Web Testing Framework that allows validation, reporting, running of testcases and test suites. This can also be data driven by an Excel spreadsheet or an Oracle database.

PAMIE will allow you to customize it to fit your needs.

What will you need to run PAMIE